Electric Objects



There’s more art on the Internet than in every gallery and museum on Earth. That’s whyElectric Objects is building a computer made for art. This computer, the EO1, takes the form of a screen that hangs on a wall or sits on a shelf, displaying whatever the owner wishes via an app or web interface. You can display art from institutions and artists that Electric Objects has partnered with or upload your own.

I’m currently testing a “v0 prototype” and even at this early stage, the system accomplishes two things: the art looks great on the screen and the process of choosing it through EO’s web interface is fun and easy. You can browse through what others have displayed on their screens and if your pal Naveen has something interesting up right now, you can pop it up on yours with a couple quick clicks. And with an infinite picture frame, changing the art in your home to suit your mood quickly becomes something you take for granted. They call it “a computer that feels more like a painting or a photograph” and that seems about right to me.

Electric Objects’ Kickstarter launches today so check it out for more info. If you’re quick you can nab one of the limited edition wood frame editions or a beta test version that ships four months early.

Thanks to Electric Objects for sponsoring kottke.org this week.


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